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At co&co, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We’re all different and that’s what sets us apart. Our one-to-one LinkedIn training starts with what we like to call a deep dive—a thorough, no-stone-unturned exploration into who you are, what you do, and most importantly, what you want to achieve on LinkedIn. Remember that you are more than just your job. Often when we ask our clients, “tell me about yourself”, they just ramble on about their job as though it’s their whole personality. Wrong. It really is the least interesting thing about you.

Who Is This For?

If you're serious about learning how to use LinkedIn effectively—whether it's for recruiting, employer branding, business development, personal branding, or just optimising your profile—this course is for you. We customise our strategy to meet the diverse needs of all our clients. So, whether you’re a freelancer seeking new opportunities, a sales exec aiming to smash targets, or a CEO eager to broaden your influence, our training is designed just for you. We offer LinkedIn management guidance, ensuring that you not only learn the ropes but also maintain a powerful and active presence on the platform.

The Deep Dive Process

Here’s how we peel back the layers to tailor our training perfectly to your needs:

1. Initial Chat:

This isn’t just about us talking; it’s about us listening. We kick things off with a candid conversation where you can just be yourself, have a laugh, and basically tell us everything you want to achieve on LinkedIn. The more we know, the better we can help. What's working for you on LinkedIn? What’s not? Are you a LinkedIn beginner? Where do you see yourself in the next year or the next five years? Are you using LinkedIn for business development or are you working on your personal brand? This chat sets the stage for everything that follows.

The main thing we like to focus on is – who are you outside of work? What makes you, you? You brand is:

👉How we look

👉What we value

👉How we speak

👉How we behave

This is mega important. Branding is what people buy into before they buy your product. If they buy into you, they will buy from you. So you really need to get this right and people need to see your authentic brand across LinkedIn.

2. Profile Analysis:

We take a look at your current LinkedIn profile. What messages are you sending, intentionally or not? How do others perceive your online persona? This isn’t just about picking apart your profile pic or your use of industry jargon; it’s about understanding the strategic effectiveness of every element of your LinkedIn presence. It might be a case of just needing to raise your LinkedIn profile or you might need a complete do-over.

At co&co, we make sure your LinkedIn profile turns heads and sparks conversations. With captivating headlines and candid profile pictures, we aim for approachability with a twist. Take, for example, our very own Megan, whose title is ‘Head of Making Sh*t Happen.’ People often wonder, "What the f*ck does that even mean?" And that’s exactly the point—it creates engagement. And yes, that really is her official job title.

Megan Farrow 2024 Linked In Profile

You need a profile that’s tailored to you—one that not only showcases your professional skills but also captures your unique personality and makes you stand out. That’s what we’re here for🤝.

3. Goal Setting:

Based on your ambitions and our analysis, we help you set realistic, achievable goals. Want to become a thought leader in your field? Looking to generate leads? Need to make the right connections for your next career move? We define these goals clearly, ensuring every step of our training is aimed at achieving them.

4. Customised Strategy

Using the insights gained from our chats and analysis, we develop a LinkedIn strategy that’s as unique as you are. Whether you’re looking to promote your business or elevate your personal brand, this strategy isn’t just about best practices; it’s tailored to find what practices are best for you. We map out a plan that aligns with your goals, from profile tweaks to networking approaches to content plans. This will be aligned with what makes up your personal identity:

🧑‍💼🙋🏼‍♀️Visual Identity: How You Show Up

First impressions are everything on LinkedIn, so we make sure your visual game is strong. From a sh*thot profile picture to a banner that screams your professional vibe, every visual element needs to stand out.

🖤Your Values: What You Stand For

What you value should echo across your LinkedIn profile. We help you shout out your values loud and clear, making sure they resonate with every post and interaction.

🎤Tone of Voice: How You Talk

Your voice on LinkedIn should be distinctly yours—casual, formal, somewhere in between? We help you nail it down. It’s all about being authentic. This is about making sure you sound like the real you, not just another clone.

🔊Your Behaviour: How You Engage

The way you interact on LinkedIn—your posts, your comments, your responses—it’s all part of how you build your personal brand. We guide you on the best ways to engage so that it’s genuine to who you are and effective in building solid connections.

👌Consistency Across the Board

Keeping it consistent—your look, your values, your voice, and your actions—this is how you build trust and make a lasting impact on your network. We help you keep it all aligned so that your LinkedIn profile doesn’t just represent you; it amplifies who you are in the best way possible.


Why It Matters

By really getting to know you, we ensure that the strategies we develop aren’t just effective—they’re a reflection of your professional brand and ambitions. This personalised approach means you’re not just learning how to use LinkedIn; you’re learning how to use it in a way that amplifies your individual strengths and meets your specific needs.

Candid masterclass workshop

Real Results, No Fluff

We’re not here to sell you dreams. We're here to make sure you wake up to a LinkedIn profile that works as hard as you do. Our clients see real results:

  • Increased visibility in their industry

  • More meaningful connections

  • Engagement rates that make competitors weep

  • Opportunities that weren't there before

Linked In Masterclass March 2024 2

Beyond The Basics

At co&co, we pride ourselves on going deeper than anyone else. We don’t just teach you LinkedIn management; we help you show up as your authentic self. Our approach is designed to make your LinkedIn presence as dynamic and impactful as your real-life professional persona.

Ready to get real about your LinkedIn strategy? With co&co’s LinkedIn training, we dive deep to understand your unique professional landscape, crafting a personalised plan that pushes past generic advice to deliver concrete results.

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If you’re serious about boosting your LinkedIn game, sign up for co&co’s one-to-one LinkedIn training course. No fluff, no bullsh*t, just a deep understanding of you and how to make LinkedIn work for you. We also offer LinkedIn training for business and workshops if that’s something you’d be interested in. Let’s get started.

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