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What is a marketing plan?
A marketing plan is your strategy roadmap. It's the blueprint that outlines what your angle will be, how you will position yourself, which channels you will use, how you will distribute your budget, what success looks like and the metrics you will measure results against. Having a marketing plan is essential to ensure the most successful outcome of a campaign.

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ROI focused plans

All of our plans start with establishing what you want to achieve. Once we know the objectives, we will formulate a tailored plan that includes timelines, activity, messaging, spending, targets or other KPIs, as well as how we will report on success. 

Planning & Execution 

As well as creating a detailed marketing plan, we can also support or lead on the execution of the plan, taking away the day-to-day management of the strategy. If you have an in-house team, we can also coordinate and manage them on your behalf.

Supplier Management 

If your marketing plan requires a specialism such as SEO or PR, or improved assets such as a new website, or sales collateral, and you don't have the capabilities in-house to fulfil these, we will bring in experts that we are partnered with, and manage them on your behalf. 

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a marketing plan

With all the agencies, in all the world

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We've also worked in-house

Our team have worked in-house and agency side, meaning we know how important it is to deliver effective, results-driven marketing

We've done this a long time

We've got over 20 years of combined experience in delivering ROI-focused marketing for businesses and brands across the world

We don't mess about

We live by our 'no fluff, no bull' approach. We don't speak in jargon, we don't waste time. We just get sh*t done

How we work

If you aren't measuring, you aren't marketing. You're gambling.

We build around your commercial objectives. No matter how big or small the project, we create a full plan explaining what we will do, how we will do it, and how we will report on, and measure success. You are never on your own, with a dedicated team member working alongside you every step of the way.

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When we create a marketing plan, we are essentially giving you a roadmap of how you can use marketing to help achieve your objectives. All of our plans are presented across an agreed timeline, detailing the channels and activity you should use, and all associated costs. If your plan requires any asset creation or operational support, we will also include these. Once your plan is done, you can either use it with your internal team, or we can execute it on your behalf.

We can be as involved as you like in the execution of the marketing plan that we create for you. If you just need the roadmap of what to do, then that's fine, we can hand it over to you for your team to execute. If you need help in delivering the plan, then we can also oversee and lead the execution.

We have two pricing models.

1. Long-term retainers

When we are working with a client long-term, we are able to offer economies of scale on our time, the longer, more frequently we work together, the lower the cost. Retainers are charged on a monthly basis on any project lasting longer than 3 months.

2. One off-projects

Just need help creating a new website, a new brand identity, or LinkedIn training for your team? No problem. As well as working with clients on a long-term basis, we also help brands and businesses who need help with short term, one-off projects.

This is one of the most common questions we get and there is no one size fits all answer. How much you should be spending and how much you can afford to be spending are not always the same. If you have huge budgets you will always be able to do more, but if your budgets are small then you need to decide what you want your marketing to achieve e.g. instant enquiries, brand awareness, more website visits, and then plan your activity around what you can afford to do to achieve that. Our team have got experience dealing with very small budgets to multi-million-pound budgets, no matter what, we always aim to maximise your spend for the best results.

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