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Remember when fax machines were the biggest hype? Yeah, neither do we. Traditional LinkedIn strategies are about as good as those dust-gatherers. So, what's co&co saying? We don’t actually think company profiles are that good tbh. You can use them to help showcase your brand tone of voice but when it comes to building trust in your LinkedIn profiles, company profiles aren’t going to do it. It’s all about empowering real humans to take charge and advocate for your brand. Whether that’s your own staff, your collaborators or even an intern that makes a mean cup of coffee, it’s time they take control. It’s time to turn your LinkedIn into a trust-building, lead-generating machine.

For those using LinkedIn for business development, we’re advocating for a LinkedIn revolution where your company's charm doesn’t come from a logo or a corporate statement but from the people who make your business what it is. After all, people buy from people, not faceless entities.

Personal branding is the game-changer, turning profiles into magnets for mega opportunities and connections by showcasing the unique blend of skills, experiences, and personalities behind the professional. Our advice on how to use LinkedIn effectively? Just be you.

Why Company Profiles Are Dead on LinkedIn

Company profiles on LinkedIn? It’s like talking to a brick wall. Let’s look at why company profiles are sh*t:

👉Impersonal Vibe

It feels like getting a handshake from a robot. ​​That’s the vibe a company profiles give off. Why would you want a company profile when you can have your employees, with real faces, experiences and stories, advocate for your brand? It’s silly that it’s taken people THIS long to start leveraging employee brand advocacy. People buy from people, it’s not rocket science. You can’t see the face behind a company profile, it’s impersonal and ineffective.

👉Sh*t Engagement

Posting on a company profile often feels like shouting into the void, hoping for any form of response. It all boils down to the fact that the conversation will likely feel one-sided. People like to talk to people. Company profiles sit there, gathering dust, while personal profiles invite conversation.


We all know company profiles have one aim – to get more exposure, generate leads and more importantly, get them the dollar. Company profiles are a polished version. Whereas when it comes to personal branding on LinkedIn, you get to see the raw, unfiltered behind-the-scenes footage. People crave the real stories, the failures, the behind-the-scenes – the human. It works, we’ve proved it. Take a look at our Fieldfisher case study if you don’t believe us 👀.

So just a few pointers on this:

👉Company profiles are about as engaging as watching paint dry.

👉Encourage your employees to be the face of the brand.

👉Show off real people, real stories.

👉Make your network about genuine relationships, not just transactions.


Unlocking the Power of Personal Profiles

Profile Optimisation

When it comes to raising your LinkedIn profile, you need to get your profile looking sh*thot. If you’re a beginner to LinkedIn, don’t worry about it – we’re here to give you some tips.

Profile Picture: This isn't just a spot for any old selfie; think of it as the front cover of your personal brand's book. You want a photo that screams professional and makes people think you’re the kind of person they NEED to know. Get yourself a clear, high-quality headshot where you're not faking a smile. Be candid, be genuine – and watch people become invested in you.

Banner: Your banner is your billboard. It's your place to showcase what you're about or what you stand for. This is where brand consistency comes in if you’re using LinkedIn as an employee. Offer a glimpse into your professional world and share something that represents your passions or achievements. It's not just a background; it's a statement. Here you might want to add a CTA so that people know what to do when they want to contact you.

Headline: Are you crafting captivating headlines for maximum clicks? Or are you simply writing your job title in and calling it a day? Remember, you are much more than your job. Think about your value proposition, add that in and then add your job description. There are millions of ‘Social Media Managers’ flying about … so what makes you different?

About Section: Here's where you tell your story, and trust me, "Once upon a time, I got a job" isn't going to cut it. This section is your pitch, don’t fu*k it up. Start with something memorable. Then, lay down the path that led you here, talk about your successes, have a bit of personality and most importantly, show how you can make an impact. Wrap it up with a CTA.

Content Strategy: No Bullsh*t, Just Value

These tips shouldn’t really come as a surprise. It’s pretty straightforward. To be mega on LinkedIn, you need to have a no-fluff, no-bull attitude.

👉Be Genuine: Talk like a human, don’t be a corporate d*ck.

👉Share Insights: Offer real value, not just sales pitches.

👉Types of Posts: Split them up into pillars – personal, industry and work. Stories that inspire, tips that genuinely help, and achievements that actually mean something.

Engagement & Networking: The co&co Way

Traditional vs. co&co: Forget adding randoms. Connect with people you’d want to grab a beer with. Build a network, not a numbers game. You’re here to build a loyal community.

Quality over quantity lads. When it comes to engagement, make sure you are consistent with the times and days you post. The LinkedIn algorithm will thank you for it.

Networking image

Services That Aren’t Shit: co&co's LinkedIn Training and Management

You know our approach – no fluff, no bull, and this is exactly what you can expect from us in our services.

🔥Training That Doesn’t Bore You to Death: Learn something useful for a change.

🔥Management That Gets You Noticed: Like having a spotlight, but for your LinkedIn.

🔥Why We’re Different: We cut through the bullsh*t. Expect real talk, real results.

So, what have we learned? That co&co’s no-bullsh*t approach to LinkedIn is about getting real, ditching the corporate blah, and actually connecting. Forget outdated methods; it’s time to evolve or become as irrelevant as the fax machine.

Need a little help? Let’s work together.

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