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At co&co, we recognise that company profiles have their place, but they can't match the impact of personal profiles. Let's face it, faceless company posts often lack personality, flair, and genuine human connection. We believe the real power of LinkedIn isn't in your company's polished facade but in the raw, authentic stories your employees share. Ready to drop the corporate act and bring some life to your LinkedIn strategy? Here we’ll tell you s

Why Company Profiles Alone Aren’t Enough

When it comes to trust, company profiles on LinkedIn aren’t the best at building genuine connections and showcasing the unique value of individual contributors. These profiles are all about showcasing the perks and the bright side, rarely giving a glimpse of the actual day-to-day or the sh*t that comes with the job. They’ll tell you about the mega company culture, the benefits, and the limitless opportunities for growth, but it's all a bit too polished, isn't it? When a real person shares their work experiences, it hits different. It’s not just relatable—it’s straight-up more trustworthy.

Using LinkedIn for business development is a smart move. Employees spilling the real tea, from the wins to the woes, offer a no-bullsh*t look behind the corporate curtain. And it’s this human element that changes the game. Sure, a company can shout about how mega they are, but if an employee backs that up, it carries weight. People trust other people just like people buy from people. When employees get real about their experiences, they’re not just adding credibility to their words—they’re making genuine connections with potential candidates and partners. When it comes to LinkedIn management – personal is better. You’ve heard about personal branding, right? It’s a powerful LinkedIn strategy that wins trust.

The Power of Personal: Turning Employees into Brand Advocates

Alright, when it comes to turning your staff into brand ambassadors on LinkedIn, size really doesn’t matter. If you’re just a beginner – forget about chasing big numbers. Even if your team only has a mere 100 connections, that’s not just okay, it’s a decent start. Growth will come, but it’s not about launching big. It’s about getting real.

Here’s a piece of advice: Don’t micromanage the fu*k out of what your staff posts on LinkedIn. Authenticity is key, and you won’t get that if Jeff from marketing is breathing down everyone’s neck, controlling every post and comment. Let your employees be themselves. If you’re sweating bullets over what they might say, then you’ve got bigger problems. Maybe it’s time to take a hard look inside your company. You should trust your employees to speak well of you. If you’re actually a good place to work for, they’ll naturally say good things. It’s that simple.

But if the best perk you offer is an occasional free pizza or access to a dusty beer fridge, it’s time to step up your game. Your employees are your best asset when it comes to branding. They're the real, living proof of what it's like to work at your company. When they raise their profiles, and share their genuine experiences and insights, it not only showcases your company culture in a mega light, but it also means more than any corporate ad ever could.

In order to use LinkedIn effectively, you need to let your staff champion your brand on their own terms. Real talk from real people—that’s the ticket to building a trustworthy and appealing company image. So, cut the control freak routine, trust your team, and watch how they turn those personal connections into your brand’s most valuable promoters.

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Building a LinkedIn Strategy with a Personal Touch

When it comes to crafting a LinkedIn strategy that stands out, embedding a personal touch throughout your profile is key. This isn't just about sprinkling some personal bits of info here and there—it's about ensuring that every element of your profile, from top to bottom, reflects the real you. Start with the basics: your profile picture. Ditch the stiff, formal headshots and consider a more candid approach that shows off your actual personality. This isn’t just about looking friendly—it’s about being memorable and giving a clear picture of who you are.

Next up, take on your 'About' section. This is your chance to really speak to your audience. Show off your personality here— but don’t fu*king give us your life story. Cut the fluff, cut the bull, and you’ll have a mega introduction. Craft headlines for maximum clicks by having a unique edge. Don’t just simply tell people what your job is. What value do you bring? Throw that in the mix.

As for your posts, inject your personality into everything you share. This is where many profiles fall into the "corporate drone" trap, sounding more like a press release than a human being. Break away from that. Share stories or updates that include your insights or reflections, and don’t shy away from using personal pictures or selfies to accompany your posts. Visuals like these help put a face to the name and allow your connections to envision you as the narrator behind the words. It’s all about making your interactions as genuine and engaging as possible. People connect with people, not profiles. These personal touches are key.

Networking like a Pro

Mad respect to you LinkedIn lurkers—we see you, we do—but if you’re looking to make a real impact, you’ve got to step up your game. Think about it like real-life networking. You wouldn't just walk up to someone, say "hey," and leave it at that, right? There’s gotta be more—a follow-up, a real conversation, maybe even a Guinness or 2 in the mix.

Networking is fu*king key on LinkedIn. You can't just sit back and expect connections to turn into opportunities without putting in the work. This means you need to add value every chance you get. Go beyond just connecting. If someone’s post strikes a chord with you, tell them. Slide into those DMs and start a conversation. Did their article make you think? Did their career path inspire you? Say so. It’s about making those personal connections that go deeper than just a surface-level click.

I mean you should already know this one … but don’t post-and-ghost. If you share content, stick around to engage. Reply to comments, ask questions, and keep the convo going. It's all about being present and being seen as someone who is actively contributing to the community.


Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Just a few no-gos for you:

👉 Oversharing: There's a fine line between being personable and overloading your network with TMI. Keep the nitty-gritty details of your personal life out of your posts. Yes, we want authenticity, but no one needs to know about every drama.

👉 Hard Selling: And that’s advice coming from marketers. Don’t do it. Ever. Focus on building genuine relationships rather than treating every interaction as a sales opportunity. Trust us, the sales will follow if you play it cool and keep it valuable.

👉 Spamming: If you’re copying and pasting the same comment on every post you see, stop. If your posts flood everyone’s feed all day, every day, you're doing it wrong. Spamming makes you look desperate and unprofessional. Instead, target your interactions. Make them count. Comment where you can add real insight or value, and post content that contributes something meaningful to the conversation.

LinkedIn is about quality, not quantity. Keep it professional lads, keep it relevant, and ffs, keep it real. Avoid these pitfalls, and you'll build a network that’s not just big, but valuable and engaged.

Proof It Works

Don't just take our word for it—let the results speak for themselves. 👇

There is no formula but here is ours. Our co&co case study.

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So, what are you waiting for? Ditch the sh*t company page, raise those personal profiles, and watch your business relationships go. Get started today and don’t look back. And hey, if you’re stuck, hit us up at co&co. We’ve got your back. For LinkedIn management or LinkedIn Training, shoot us a message. Let’s work together.

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