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With over 20 years combined experience working both in-house and agency side, we know how important it is to ensure marketing activity has a direct impact on the bottom line. Pretty pictures are nice, but results are better. Don't you reckon?

We do a lot of things.

Bullsh*t ain't one of them.

Real talk

We are the least fluffy marketing people you'll ever meet. Genuine. 

Specialists in strategy, engagement, branding, social media and events, we work with businesses and brands all over the world to deliver ROI-focused marketing. Whether you need to completely outsource your marketing, or just need support for your in-house team, we have got you covered. 
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The people who make it happen

You're in safe hands.

We don't mess about, especially when it comes to clients. Every project - big or small, is overseen, managed and executed by a marketing specialist with over 10 years of experience in the industry. We hope you like our faces, we plan on you seeing a lot of them. 
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Jordan Stachini

Prior to founding co&co in early 2020, (what a great time to start a business by the way)... Jordan headed up global marketing teams across the UK, Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Asia, giving her a unique understanding of how agencies can best support in-house marketing teams.

Specialising in performance-based marketing, strategy and brand creation, Jordan supports clients looking to make a tangible and measurable impact on their bottom line. In Jordan's world, everything can be measured, and if you aren't measuring you aren't marketing, you're gambling.

Unlike other business owners, Jordan is still very much involved in the day-to-day running of the agency and loves nothing more than delivering workshops and deep dive sessions... you just try and keep her away from the pitching process... or a pint of Guinness.

With a no fluff, no bull personality, Jordan is the walking embodiment of what co&co stands for.



Sophie Kimmance

An experiential marketing and brand activation expert, Sophie has a proven track record of turning destination marketing and brand experiences into a profitable, ROI-generating channel.

As the architect of the customer experience strategy for national and International big brands like Vita Student, Sophie knows what it takes to engage with your customers in real life, and create long-term brand loyalty that keeps your customers coming back time and time again.

Sophie's secret weapon? Her little black book of brands - nationally, locally and around the world. From Tom Ford, to La Mer, Selfridges, ESPA and basically anyone else you can think of, Sophie can hook you up. She really is a great person to know when it comes to Christmas.

Outside of co&co, you will find Sophie checking out the latest 'go-to-foodie hotspot', or shaking a leg on the dance floor, if both can happen in the same day, even better.


Head of Making Shit Happen

Megan Farrow

Having worked in Marketing for the last nine years across the UK and Australia, Megan has built up an online following as 'Marketing Meg' across Social Media.

With a passion for events, bringing spaces to life and email marketing, Megan is all about the customer experience and driving engagement and ROI both online and in real life... yes, brands really do still interact with their customers offline.

In her role as 'Head of Making Shit Happen', Megan is often the first person new enquiries or clients speak to, and is the walking, talking representation of co&co around Manchester and further afield, spreading the co&co mantra of 'No fluff. No bull. Just mega marketing'.

She also isn't a bad DJ when it comes to the office playlist... but if you see her with her AirPods in and her putting her hair into her 'get shit done bun', you know to leave well alone... she is in do not disturb mode, and is no doubt cooking up something mega.

How we work


Right Solution

We build our plans around what you need, not what we offer

Good Vibes

We only work with people we like and have great rapport with

No Fluff Pricing

We offer cost-effective retainers as well as one-off projects

You can keep your blue sky thinking, we were born in Manchester, where great things happen in the rain.

Jordan Stachini


You're in good company

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Meet our Founder, Jordan

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Although we are an agency, our team have all got experience of working client side within in-house marketing teams. So our aim is never to tread on toes or steel thunder. If you already have an in-house team in place, we will work alongside you as an additional team member, whether you need us to lead from the front, take charge of the strategy, and manage the team, or plug a skillset gap - we've got your covered. We also love working in-person with clients as much as possible, so no matter how we work with your in-house function, we approach everything with a one team mentality.

When it comes to strategy, we can be as involved as you like. If you just need the strategy creating as a roadmap for your business or internal marketing team to follow, we can do that no problem. Or, if you need help creating and executing the plan, we can do that for you too.

While it might be hard to remember a time before the internet, there is still significant value in offline marketing activity, especially when it comes to building a community amongst your customers in real life. So yes, we offer a range of off-line marketing activity, including placemaking, space activation, events, gifting and more.

We have two pricing models.

1. Long-term retainers

When we are working with a client long-term, we are able to offer economies of scale on our time, the longer, more frequently we work together, the lower the cost. Retainers are charged on a monthly basis on any project lasting longer than 3 months.

2. One off-projects

Just need help creating a new website, a new brand identity, or LinkedIn training for your team? No problem. As well as working with clients on a long-term basis, we also help brands and businesses who need help with short term, one-off projects.

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