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What is personal branding?
Personal branding is a collection of elements that represent what an individual stands for and represents. A strong personal brand is created by conveying personality, core values, an authentic tone of voice, professional experience and expertise, along with a consistent visual look and feel both online and offline. Personal branding is an effective way to raise your profile within your industry, and position yourself as a voice of authority. 

Looking to create a personal brand?

Here is how we can help


A range of brand assets 

Our team will work with you to create everything from your brand values, content pillars and photography, to the channels and assets that will promote you. From the creation of LinkedIn profiles, to personal websites, we can create everything you need to help achieve your personal branding objectives. 

Visual content creation 

Once we understand who you are, and what you are trying to achieve from your personal brand, our photographers and videographers will bring all of that to life with a number of visual content creation sessions. We will capture you in multiple settings and environments that bring to life who you are. 

Full management service

Building and maintaining a strong personal brand is time-consuming, which is why we offer a full management service. We can not only help in developing your personal brand and core supporting assets, but we can also create all of your content, ghostwrite, and build your profile through online engagement, all on your behalf. 

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The benefits of
Personal Branding 

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Why trust us with your
Personal Brand


We know it's not just a logo

A personal brand is much more than a logo, we will create you a full brand pack that encompasses how your present yourself visually and holistically.

We understand strategy

We understand that your personal brand needs to work across multiple platforms, and we will ensure that all elements of your brand work online and offline.

We don't mess about

We live by our 'no fluff, no bull' approach to every project. We don't speak in jargon, we don't waste time. We just get sh*t done. No compromises. Simple.

How we work

If you aren't measuring, you aren't marketing. You're gambling.

We build around your commercial objectives. No matter how big or small the project, we create a full plan explaining what we will do, how we will do it, and how we will report on, and measure success. You are never on your own, with a dedicated team member working alongside you every step of the way.

In the words of Beyoncé


Personal branding is the process of creating a strong identity for yourself, built around your values, experiences and expertise, differentiating you from other people in your sector, and helping you build relationships with people who are looking for the services you can provide, or the products you offer. For people looking to build a strong profile within their industry, having a consistent and authentic personal brand is an important tool for business development and sales.

Branding is the process of creating a set of visual and written assets that form the identity of your business, product or service. Branding is not just a logo, it is how you speak to your audience, the values that you hold, the style of imagery you use and the creative treatment applied to assets. Branding is essential for businesses to stand out and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Yes. As well as creating a full content plan for you, we can also provide ghost writing, creative and engagement support as well.

It is really important that your content sounds like it has been written by you, even if they haven't been. We will do a lot of initial work to establish what your tone of voice is, how you speak, and the kind of language you use. All of this ensures that when we write posts on your behalf, they sound just like you.

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