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You already know what we’re here to do … we cut the sh*t and tell you how it is. You’re here because you know the same old, same old just doesn’t cut it on LinkedIn anymore. Gone are the days of stuffy suits and corporate fluff that sounds like it was spat out of an office round table discussion. With co&co, you’re diving into the no bullsh*t zone of personal branding on LinkedIn. This is for the bold, the brave, and the ones who dare to stand out by just being mega. Ready to pi*s off those di*kheads on LinkedIn that aren’t ready for the platform to become social? Let’s get real then.

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Why Choose Personal Branding Over Company Profiles?

LinkedIn is not just another social network; it's the place where personal brands shine brighter than corporate logos. If you’re using LinkedIn for business development, then let us start by saying get those company profiles in the bin asap. Instead, think about having your employees advocate for your brand here. LinkedIn is mega for promoting your business. Empower them to be the face of your company. It works, trust us – we’ve seen firsthand.

👉LinkedIn's unique position for personal branding over corporate facades: Here, it’s about showing up as your genuine self, not as a faceless entity.

👉How personal profiles can build trust and showcase real, relatable professionals: In a world where everyone’s tired of corporate speak, being human is your power.

Crafting Your LinkedIn Persona: No Suits Required

Forget the tie. Your LinkedIn persona is about who you are, not what you wear. If you’re new to LinkedIn, start here:

👉Defining your purpose on LinkedIn – beyond job hunting: It’s about carving out your niche, your space, your voice.

Raising your LinkedIn profile Checklist:





Profile Complete

Get every section filled out.

Use keywords, show how much sh*thot value you add to the LinkedIn scene, add CTA’s.

Leave blanks or tell your whole life story. 😴


Professional, but with flair.

Let your personality shine. Candid photos work well.

Use a cropped party photo where you look 10 bottles of wine deep.


Hook the audience. What’s your value proposition?

Make it snappy, make it you.

Default to your job title.

Casual business

The Art of Engagement

Fu*k ChatGPT off and get real with your community. When it comes to using LinkedIn effectively, you need to remember authenticity is the one. No one wants to see AI-generated comments all over your posts. Make a bit of effort and speak as you, the unfiltered you.

👉Share insights and content that add value, not noise: If it doesn’t help, inspire, or entertain, then fu*k that. It’s not good enough.

👉Comment, like, and interact in ways that feel human, not automated: Be the person behind the profile, not a bot.

👉The benefits of regular, meaningful engagement with your network: It boosts your visibility obviously but it also builds real relationships – the good stuff.

Quality Over Quantity

You probably heard this from your mum and dad when you were younger when it came to making friends; ‘it’s about quality over quantity’ and well they’re not wrong. The same applies to LinkedIn. It’s not about how many, but about who. You want to build a loyal community that get you, follows you, and swear by your content. Not just those people who come and go, or are inactive. Few tips for ya lads:

👉The strategy behind connecting with individuals who align with your professional goals: Seek out those relationships that add value, not just connections.

👉How to politely decline or ignore connection requests that don’t fit your brand: No hard feelings, but not everyone’s a fit. And that’s okay. It’s like, If you get offended by the word “fu*k”, then us at co&co probably aren’t gonna be a good fit. It’s a two-way street, you need to be right for us too if we’re gonna work for you.

So, that’s the co&co way. Straight-up, no fluff, no bullsh*t. Ready to kick ar*s on LinkedIn? Check out our sh*thot LinkedIn training and management services. Let co&co show you how it's done. Let’s work together.

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