The Role of LinkedIn in Personal Branding

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The Role of LinkedIn in Personal Branding

It’s fair to say LinkedIn has changed A LOT over the years. More and more people are waking up to the potential of leveraging LinkedIn not just as a job hunting site, but as a space to build and work on something called their ‘personal brand’. It’s no longer just a place for recruitment where you just dump your CV and call it a day. We’re seeing communities being built through networking every day. If you’re thinking about starting, do it before it’s too late.

So how would we define personal branding? It’s basically all about sculpting your online persona – sharing your insights, victories, and even the struggles, to paint a realistic picture of your professional journey. It’s about being authentic, real and relatable. You’d be surprised how many people are sh*t at being themselves. Don't fake your online persona – be you. It’s storytelling with a purpose, where every post and every comment contributes to a larger narrative.

With co&co's no-bullshit guide, you'll be armed to take on LinkedIn and build a sh*thot, loyal community in no time. Let’s talk about how the role LinkedIn plays in personal branding.

Creating an All-Star Personal Profile

First off, your LinkedIn profile? Sort it out lads. Don't slap on a half-a*sed attempt thinking it'll pass. This is where you go all guns blazing and show LinkedIn that you’re the sh*t. When it comes to profile picture optimisation, don’t use any low quality pictures. Make sure that you are the only one in focus. Yeah we get it, you like your mates but get rid (not literally). You need to go solo for your profile picture - that’s how people can keep you top of mind. It’s your face to the world. Ditch the festival pics and get something that makes you look like the boss you aim to be. We think taking a candid approach is mega because it reinforces this idea of authenticity more. Be natural and watch how long it takes for people to put trust in you.

When it comes to your LinkedIn header it needs to scream your personal brand and what you stand for. We like to inject a bit of humour into ours because we’re all dead funny tbf. Think about how you can make your header stand out to other people. Get creative with it, you don’t need to be formal … we’re far from formal and it works. Just be sure to slap in a CTA that people can jump on when they're ready. Take a look at ours for some inspo. Don’t be a copycat though 🐱. 

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Your bio? Keep it sharp, punchy, and to the point. Highlight what you do, how mega you are at it, and where you're headed - minus the fluff. Simple as that.

For your About section, make sure your experience doesn’t read like your weekly food shop list. Tailor that sh*t. Show how you've kicked a*s, talk about clients you’ve worked with, share those quantifiable results. It all contributes to getting you that credibility you deserve. We don’t need to hear your life story though. If you’re thinking “hmm I’m not sure if I need to say that” … then you probably don’t. Cut it. Keep it short and sweet lads.

Showcasing Skills, Endorsements, and Recommendations

Next up, skills and endorsements. This isn’t a popularity contest; it's proof you've got the goods. Pinpoint the skills that make you mega in your field, then get endorsements from people who aren’t your mum or your best mate. Genuine endorsements from industry insiders not only beef up your profile but also add that layer of credibility that screams, "I'm the real deal and don’t just talk out of my a*s here"

And recommendations? They’re the sh*t. But don’t sit around waiting for them to magically appear. Reach out, hustle for them. Recommendations from a respected colleague or client can turn heads faster than a free bar at a networking event.

But here’s the deal: when gathering recommendations, aim for quality over quantity. One genuine, detailed recommendation is worth ten generic ones. It's about making a lasting impression, not just filling up space. Consider what each recommendation says about you. Does it highlight your leadership, your innovative thinking, your problem-solving skills? Each one should add a new dimension to your professional persona, painting a picture of a well-rounded, accomplished you.

In a nutshell, your skills, endorsements, and recommendations are more than just LinkedIn fluff. They're your chance to shine and show off the hard-earned respect you've gained within your industry.

Engaging in Relevant Group Discussions

Last but not least, how to use linkedin effectively and get involved in those group discussions. Don’t be a lurker. At co&co, we've got a soft spot for the LinkedIn lurkers. But it doesn’t work for those trying to build a personal brand. This isn't the place for passive scrolling or hitting the occasional 'like'. You’ve seen The Traitors? Think of LinkedIn as the roundtable – but don’t be brutal. Dive into those relevant group discussions. This is where you can really drill down into your niche, share your unique perspective, challenge ideas (without being a d*ck about it), and contribute value. You’re here to build bridges, not burn them so be respectful. This is your chance to show you’re not just another gal/guy. You’re a thought leader and a genuinely nice person – someone worth connecting with.

But don't stop at just giving. Ask questions, seek advice, show vulnerability. This isn't just about showcasing your knowledge; it's about being a part of a community, learning and growing together. The most respected members of any group are those who listen as much as they talk.

Remember, the relationships you build here are based on mutual respect and shared interests. These aren't just digital contacts; they're potential clients, collaborators, mentors, and friends in the industry. So, when you share that blog post, make sure it's relevant and you stick around to engage with any feedback or discussion it generates. Dropping links without engagement is like leaving a conversation mid-sentence.

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You're not just building a LinkedIn profile; you're creating a personal brand that resonates with authenticity and authority. A brand that cannot be ignored. With co&co's services, you're not just playing the game; you're rewriting the rules.

So, there you have it. Cut through the bullsh*t, make your mark. Let's f*cking do this. Fancy working together? We provide LinkedIn training for those that want to sharpen their profiles. Don’t have the time to work on your personal brand? Leave it to us - we offer LinkedIn management services. We’re here to help and we know our sh*t. Let’s chat.

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