How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Business

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In the digital age, if you're not on LinkedIn flexing your business muscles, you're basically invisible. Let's cut the crap and dive straight into how you can turn LinkedIn from a pretentious networking platform into a mega powerhouse for your business. At co&co, we believe in a no-fluff, no bullsh*t approach, and that's exactly what we're going to serve you – straight-up advice that's sh*thot effective.

Get rid of those business profiles and start getting your employees to advocate for you. Do you have a class working environment? Get them to talk about it. Do you trust your employees to work remotely? Get them to share the benefits. It’s all about personalising and humanising your brand. Who better to do that than your staff? Think about it – no ones gonna trust more in a company page with a logo for the profile picture over a gal Becky, who’s got a nice close-up profile picture of her smiling. This is something more and more companies are jumping on and we know why. Let’s show you how you can use LinkedIn effectively to promote your business. It’s the co&co way ✌️

Why Use LinkedIn for Business Development

Basically, it all boils down to trust. Company pages are faceless entities. Ghosts. In your company, you have a team of individuals who all have their own unique flairs, experiences, qualities and skills. Why the fu*k would you not want to leverage this? People buy from people.

The rise of personal branding is giving people the freedom to show who they are, as individuals, on LinkedIn. Now not everyone needs to build a personal brand on LinkedIn. When it comes to using LinkedIn for business development, It's about giving people the freedom to showcase their genuine self, their expertise, and what they stand for. Now, this doesn't mean every Tom, Dick, and Harry needs to become the next LinkedInfluencer. When your employees start to raise their profile, they contribute to a collective brand presence that's authentic, dynamic, and irresistible. It's about making every member of your team a part of the narrative, a player in the game, showing the world not just who they are but what your business stands for.

If you had some company page reaching out to you telling you your marketing is sh*t, you would most likely 1. Ignore them and 2. Be fuming. But what about if someone, let’s call her Rachael, reached out and highlighted a few flaws in your strategy and offered advice on how you could improve? Would you have the same feelings towards her? Doubt it. This is because it’s a human interaction and we’re all taught to be decent human beings to each other.

That said, we don’t think any of your employees should be taking a sales-orientated approach on LinkedIn. It’s a big fat no from us. Instead, get them to showcase authenticity, expertise, and your brand story. This will build trust in the LinkedIn community and they will become the ‘face of the brand’. If you manage to smash this, then trust us, leads will come to you with time. It just takes a bit of work, which is why we’re here to guide you. Okay so let’s look at what will get you there.

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Beef Up Your Profile

First things first, lads. Your LinkedIn profile is like your business's face online. You need to know how to raise your LinkedIn profile. How’s it looking? If your profile is stuck in 2010, we've got a problem. Your profile needs to scream "I'm a professional bada*s" at first glance. High-quality images, a banner that pops, a mega headline for maximum clicks and a summary that tells your story – not just your job title. Remember, you are more than your job. Your professional experience is the least interesting thing about you. So don’t be making your job your whole personality or it won’t work. There are already too many d*ckheads out talking about how they made ‘x amount of money overnight’. It just didn’t happen and it’s not authentic. No one wants to hear it. What we do want to see is growth, journeys, personal experiences, and educational and industry insights.

Mega Content and Engagement

Here's where most get it twisted. Pumping out content for the sake of it is just adding to the noise. What you want is to create content that slaps – stuff that provides value, insights, and sparks conversations. What we see daily, which is really hindering growth is that people are sh*t at engagement. We get it, it can be a ballache but don’t just be dropping mega content and disappearing. Otherwise, there’s no point. You need to interact with comments, start discussions, and be a human being, not a content robot. That’s how you get noticed, that’s how you build a little LinkedIn family. Notice how we said ‘little’ – that’s because you go for quality over quantity girls and boys.

Oh, and if your engagement doesn’t go beyond ‘Great post’, then you might as well not even bother. Add value to the conversation. The LinkedIn algorithm will know if you’re just commenting for the sake of it. Also, if you’re planning on using ChatGPT for engagement, at least remove the quotation marks. It’s not only lazy but extremely embarrassing for you. Our opinion? Just be you, that’s enough.

Showcase Your Sh*thot Team

Your team is your biggest asset – flaunt them. Let’s say you’re a Founder. If you have any new beginners to LinkedIn – introduce them on your own personal profile. Share them with your community. Not only will it show that you value your team and care about who you recruit, but it will introduce them to your entire network too. Why is this important? When they set up their individual profiles and start advocating for your brand, this trust and credibility will just skyrocket instantly.

Encourage your team to have profiles as polished as yours. When they share achievements, projects, and insights, it amplifies your business's reach and showcases your collective expertise. It's like saying, "Look at us, we're mega at what we do," without sounding like a proper d*ck. Show your support by commenting on their posts. At co&co, we love to have a bit of banter with each other. It shows people our tone of voice and how we genuinely interact. Just basically tells people – If you don’t like it– lump it. Sorry, but we’re probably not for you 😂

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Slide into DMs Like a Pro

Not in a creepy way. Networking doesn't mean spamming inboxes with "Let's connect" messages. It's about building genuine connections. Be strategic about who you reach out to. Tailor your messages – show that you've done your homework and you're not just another spammy salesperson. It’s about creating value, not just pitching. If you liked the content of someone’s post that day, tell them or have any questions, ask them. Show that you are present on this platform.

Position Yourself as The Authority

You want to be seen as the go-to person in your field, right? Share your insights, comment on trends, and contribute to discussions. The goal is to get your name out there within your industry. When people think of your sector, your face should pop up in their minds. It's not about bragging; it's about sharing your knowledge and helping others. That's how respect is earned.

Get Sh*thot LinkedIn Training from co&co

Sick of mediocre results? Dying to turn your LinkedIn presence into a lead-generating machine? co&co might know a thing or two to help you out. Our LinkedIn training and management services are designed to make your business see results. We don't just talk the talk; we walk the walk. With us, you'll learn how to harness the full power of LinkedIn to generate new business, raise brand awareness, and position your team as industry leaders.

Don't let your LinkedIn game be as exciting as watching paint dry. Get in touch with co&co and let's turn your profile into a business magnet. Because in this digital age, being good isn’t good enough. You’ve got to be mega.

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