What Is LinkedIn?

What is linkedin

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So, what the fu*k is LinkedIn and why do we need it anyway? It doesn’t matter if you’re here to build a personal brand, you want to find a job, or are using LinkedIn to advocate for your company … Whatever it is, this article will help you better understand this platform. What comes to mind when you think of LinkedIn? If you’re thinking of a corporate tone of voice then you haven’t seen our co&co team content on there. Things have changed and we fu*king love it. Yes, expect to see more people sharing personal truths, slipping a few swear words into their copy and a bit of reality for once. Before Covid, LinkedIn was a stale platform with 0 personality. But now? We get to see behind the curtain for once. We now see real people showcasing their real lives. Shocker, right?

LinkedIn is designed for your professional world. It can help to connect you with people, jobs, potential clients – you name it. It’s accessible from anywhere, whether it’s your desk, the train, or in a coffee shop, LinkedIn is basically your office where careers are made, opportunities are found, and bullsh*t is called. With co&co's guidance, you'll navigate this beast like a pro and actually enjoy doing it. Welcome to the no-fluff, no-bull zone.

What is Linked In

The Evolution of LinkedIn

From Reid Hoffman’s to Microsoft’s

The story of LinkedIn starts with Reid Hoffman, a visionary who saw the potential of a professional social network long before anyone else did. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn was a gamble that paid off big time. Early days were about building a user base and proving that professional networking online could work. Fast forward to 2016, and Microsoft saw enough value to drop a lot of dollar at it – $26 billion to be precise. This wasn't just any acquisition; it was a statement. LinkedIn had grown from a start-up to a vital tool that would reshape the way professionals connect worldwide.

More Than Just a CV Dump

It's easy to dismiss LinkedIn as just another place to drop your CV and fu*k off. But that sh*t doesn’t work anymore when it comes to LinkedIn recruitment. Over the years, LinkedIn has evolved into this battlefield platform where job seekers, companies, and headhunters are invested in finding the best out there. It's about showcasing skills, building a personal brand, and, most importantly, networking with the right people. We say this time and time again, but when it comes to networking and making connections, think less about the quantity, and more about the quality. Trust us with this, we know what we’re saying. LinkedIn has become a marketplace of opportunities, where a sh*thot post or connection can change the entire course of your career. Using LinkedIn to promote your business has never been easier and we can see so many people jumping on the bandwagon because they know its value.

LinkedIn vs. Other Social Networks: The Professional Divide

Now, you’ll get a lot of people complaining that LinkedIn has become too social. Maybe it’s because they’ve seen someone post a selfie with their dog or what they had for breakfast. Want to know our stance on this? There’s nothing wrong with showing personality. In fact, it’s exactly what LinkedIn needs. Yes there should be a line drawn between your professional and personal lives but it shouldn’t be split completely. You are so much more than your job. It’s genuinely the least interesting thing about you. So what will help you stand out? By being authentic, showing your personality, and not giving two fu*ks about what anyone else thinks in the meantime.

Now, we’re not saying you should be posting pictures of your latest beer crawl day sesh. Stick with Instagram if you fancy sharing those. You need to maintain a bit of professionalism when it comes to LinkedIn. It’s a space for you to talk about your personal achievements and experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly. Why? Because it’s all about relatability. If someone relates to you, guess what? They’re more likely to trust you too. That said, there needs to be a balance between professional, personal and industry-related content. This is where you build trust and credibility across your network.

Despite what you might think, there is such a thing as a LinkedInfluencer. Not, in the same way, the likes of Molly-Mae is a social media influencer, but there are similarities. These are the power players who've mastered the art of professionalism, turning every post and comment into a masterclass in personal branding. They’re not manipulating you into buying skinny teas or fast fashion; they're selling insights, hustle, and the kind of thought leadership that makes you want to up your own game. So, if you thought LinkedIn was just a place to drop your CV, think again. It's the ultimate platform for carving out your niche, making waves, and yes, even becoming a bit of a legend in your own professional arena. Time to step up and stand out lads.

It’s funny because we always say “LinkedIn is like Tinder” and no one gets us. Unfortunately for new LinkedIn beginners, it’s all about looks to begin with. It’s about raising your profile and getting people to put trust in you. This isn’t going to happen overnight and it also won’t happen if your profile picture looks like it’s been taken on a Nokia. Optimise that profile and watch your LinkedIn space change. It doesn’t matter if you’re using LinkedIn for business development, or using it to land your dream job, it’s all about making a mega first impression.

Linkedin vs social networks

Maximising Your LinkedIn Experience

How can you use LinkedIn effectively? Here are a few tips for ya:

Optimise Your Profile

Your LinkedIn profile needs to look sh*thot. We’re talking a high resolution, professional profile picture. A picture with a genuine smile beats a stiff corporate headshot any day. We like profiles that take a candid approach. Not sure what we mean by candid? Take a look at ours👇:

🔥 Jordan Stachini

🔥 Sophie Kimmance

🔥 Megan Farrow

Remember, this is what people see before they ever meet you. What impression do you wanna give? Your headline should make people want to click on that profile straight away. It’s all about crafting an engaging headline for maximum clicks. Oh, and there’s something you should know … Your About section is about to become mega important to you. It’s making its way to the top of your profile in 2024 so you better be ready for it. This means going beyond listing every job you've ever had. No one can be a*sed reading that. Highlight achievements, share content that matters, and show a bit of personality.

It’s Networking, Not Spamming

Don’t be sleazy sliding into people’s DMs with a clear sales-orientated approach. Networking on LinkedIn is about genuinely giving a fu*k about other people. You want to be making meaningful connections, not just adding as many people you can as possible. It’s about building a loyal community. Engage with content, join relevant groups, and send personalised messages if you fancy connecting with them. Remember, a genuine interest in others can open doors that spamming never will.

The Future of LinkedIn: Or, How Not to Get Left Behind

As far as we’re concerned, LinkedIn just keeps getting better and better. The only thing we’ll say though is if you’re going to use AI, use it as a tool to help you. Don’t let it do your job. We’re sick to DEATH of seeing AI-generated comments on our posts, especially when they leave quotation marks in or ‘<Author of Post>’ 💀😂. Don’t be that guy. There’s nothing wrong with using AI for research purposes or to help you bring your idea to life but definitely don’t rely on it to do the work for you. LinkedIn wants to hear your voice. Not ChatGPT’s.

Like we said before, start working on your ‘About’ section because it will no longer go unnoticed on your profile. It’s making its way to the top so be ready for the move. It won’t be long until most companies ditch their business profiles and start using personal profiles for business development. Our Fieldfisher case study is proof that this strategy works. After our tailored LinkedIn training, the Fieldfisher D&R team in Manchester now smashes LinkedIn for business growth, client acquisition, and flaunts a shith*t combo of personal flair and solid corporate identity, proving even traditional sectors can slay on social media.

We hope you can now see that LinkedIn is more than just a platform; it’s the place where careers are built, opportunities are given, and skills are spotlighted. It’s not just who you know, but who knows you back. So, optimise that profile, engage with your network, and let the professional games begin.

Fed up with your LinkedIn not working as hard as you do? co&co's got your back if you need a little help. Check out our sh*thot LinkedIn training and management services. We’ll help you cut the crap and get those results you so desperately need. Fancy a chat? Go for it.

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