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LinkedIn is a game-changer for B2B professionals. Whether you're chasing new partnerships, looking to beef up your business network, or aiming to lock down some solid B2B sales, you need a LinkedIn profile and strategy that really delivers. That's where co&co comes in. Our B2B LinkedIn training is all about turning you into a total badar*e on this platform. LinkedIn management doesn’t have to be a headache—let us show you how it can be straightforward and impactful.

Why LinkedIn for B2B?

LinkedIn is mega for professionals looking to expand their social network, whether you’re focusing on recruiting, boosting your personal brand, raising your LinkedIn profile or just want to keep up with the industry. But if you’re a business and haven’t got your staff advocating for you then, seriously, what are you waiting for? We’re seeing more people jumping on this and it's easy to see why. Don’t forget about employer branding, think about those opportunities 👇

🖤 Lead Generation: Access to a wide range of potential clients and key decision-makers.

🖤 Brand Visibility: Increases the visibility of your business among peers and potential customers.

🖤 Thought Leadership: Positions your company as an expert in your industry.

Candid masterclass workshop

The Limitations of Corporate Profiles Alone

Having a company profile is not enough these days. Yes these profiles are alright for establishing a company’s presence, but they often lack the personal touch that resonates with potential clients and partners. We tend to use our co&co profile to get across our tone of voice and banter – but tbh that’s it really. Corporate profiles can appear too formal or impersonal, which is no way near as effective in fostering meaningful business relationships. Understanding how to use LinkedIn for business marketing is key for leveraging this platform beyond just presence and basic interaction.

Embracing Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy has become a mega strategy for boosting your company's reputation and reach on LinkedIn. When employees share content, engage with posts, or write about their work experiences, they humanise the brand. This not only increases the company’s visibility but also builds trust and credibility among professional peers and potential customers. Using LinkedIn to promote your business through your employees’ active engagement can really amplify your marketing efforts.

Even if your team are all beginners to LinkedIn: having your employees advocate for your brand on LinkedIn is the best approach for business development. Here’s why:

👉 Authentic Engagement: Employees talking about their real experiences and sharing their success stories create authentic content that is more engaging and relatable. You get a peek behind the curtain seeing the real people and the genuine interactions that make up the heart of a company. This authenticity can't be mimicked by sh*t corporate posts—it's raw, it's real, and it resonates.

👉 Expanded Reach: Each employee has their own network, which means your company’s message travels further than it would through the corporate profile alone.

👉 Trust Building: People trust people and people buy from people. When employees post about their work, it provides a personal endorsement of the brand, which is far more influential than corporate advertising.

Ensuring Brand Consistency

While employee advocacy is unreal for visibility, trust building and authenticity – it requires a consistent and coordinated approach in order to be effective. Effective LinkedIn management is key. Here’s a few tips for you:

✔️ Clear Guidelines: Provide clear guidelines to your employees about what they can share and how they should represent the company online. This ensures that the content aligns with your brand’s values and messaging.

✔️ Training and Resources: Train them up. LinkedIn training for business will help you get those results. Equip your employees with the training and resources they need to create sh*thot LinkedIn content. This could include hook templates, key messaging points, and best practices for digital communication.

✔️ Regular Updates: Keep your team updated with the latest company news, achievements, and marketing campaigns. This encourages them to share relevant and timely content that reflects current company goals.

✔️ Monitor and Support: Regularly monitor the LinkedIn activity that relates to your brand and offer support where needed. Recognising and rewarding active employee advocates can also motivate others to participate.

✔️ Trust Your Employees: Last but not least, trust your employees. If you’re actually a good company, there should be no reason for you to micro-manage your team. Naturally, they will post good things.

Let your team drive you and your business forward. By enabling and guiding your employees to be brand ambassadors on their personal profiles, you not only enhance your company’s visibility but also forge stronger connections and credibility in the B2B community.

co&co Training

co&co's LinkedIn training goes beyond the basics:

👉 Profile Optimisation: We help you craft a LinkedIn profile that speaks directly to your B2B audience, highlighting your business's strengths and your personal credibility as a leader. We’re talking about profile pictures, crafting captivating headlines, and polishing your about section to ensure your profile makes the right impact.

👉 Networking Techniques: Learn how to use LinkedIn effectively by growing your network with strategic connections that matter, not just adding numbers. Quality over quantity lads. It’s all about building a loyal community.

👉 The LinkedIn Algorithm: Tips to get you ahead – we’re talking about scheduling times, engagement times, what to include, and what not to include.

👉 Creating Content: We'll show you how to create and share content that resonates with other businesses, establishing your brand as a thought leader and influencer in your field.

👉 Lead Generation Strategies: Discover how to use LinkedIn's tools and features to generate high-quality leads that can be converted into profitable B2B relationships.

👉 Engagement Tactics: Engage effectively with posts and messages that capture attention and evoke responses, driving deeper interactions and potential collaborations.

How We Tailor Our Approach

Each business has unique needs and goals. At co&co, we recognise this, which is why our B2B LinkedIn training is highly personalised. We start with a comprehensive assessment of your current LinkedIn strategy and objectives. From there, we craft a bespoke action plan that includes:

  • Customised LinkedIn Workshops: Hands-on sessions tailored to your business's specific challenges and goals.

  • 1-1 Training: Tailored to meet your specific needs and goals on LinkedIn, ensuring personalised guidance every step of the way.

  • Regular Check-Ins: Whether you fancy a chat, a coffee – we’re here on hand to keep things moving, answer your questions, and make sure you’re on track to smash your LinkedIn goals.

What sets our training apart? We cut the fluff. Our methods are direct, practical, and tested in the field. We speak plainly, to make our point clear—because in business, clarity is key to success. Our goal is to not just educate you about LinkedIn but to transform how you use it to achieve tangible business outcomes.

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Whether you're stepping into the B2B arena, interested in personal branding or looking to sharpen your existing LinkedIn strategies, co&co’s LinkedIn training is your gateway to mastering business-to-business engagement on this platform. Ready to sort out your B2B game on LinkedIn? Join us, and let’s make your business the talk of the network—no bullsh*t, just results.

Let’s work together.

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