A Deep Dive into How You Can Build a Personal Brand on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn isn't just another platform where you waste time spying on your ex-colleague’s career moves. This platform has 875 million members and counting, with professionals signing up at a rate of two per second. Think about that. Every day, people are hopping on what they call the "personal branding" bandwagon. But let’s be honest, personal branding isn’t something that’s just popped up. It’s as old as trade itself. Remember the local plumber your parents always relied on? He didn’t just fix pipes. He nailed his personal brand, earning trust and reputation one leak at a time. If you’re not on LinkedIn, you might as well be handing your competitors the keys to your own success.

Cracking Your LinkedIn Strategy

So how do you create a personal brand on LinkedIn? Personal branding isn’t about slapping your job title as your headline and calling it a day. It’s your reputation, your business card, and your billboard all rolled into one. Now, let’s make this sh*t easy. First, know who you are and what you stand for. No, the answer is not business development manager, sales manager, entrepreneur or freelancer. You’ve gotta look beyond your job title and corporate life. You are much more than your job. Once you’ve found what makes you unique – show that. This is about being the real you. In the past you might've been told to put on a professional front. Not anymore, be yourself lads. If you’re a LinkedIn beginner, don’t worry, we got you covered with our no bullsh*t guide.

Clarify your LinkedIn strategy. What’s your angle? Are you leveraging LinkedIn for business development, promoting your business, or scouting for talent? Pinpoint exactly why you’re keen to boost your personal brand. You’d be surprised how many people confuse building a personal brand with just needing to raise their profile. If your professional identity is intertwined with your offerings, then absolutely pursue personal branding. However, understand that a personal brand extends beyond merely having a LinkedIn presence—it's about strategically crafting and managing your persona across all platforms.

The Profile Makeover

We always say, LinkedIn is a bit like Tinder when it comes to optimising your profile. Sorry girls and boys but it’s all about looks to begin with, personality comes after. Here’s what you need to do:

Starting with your profile pic. This is where people will make their first impression on you, so no blurry pub selfies. Make sure it is in high resolution, isn’t dated back to 2013, and actually looks like you. There isn’t any room for catfishes here.

A tip from us at co&co – your headline shouldn't just consist of your job title. What value do you bring to the table? Then have your job title follow this information. Spice it up. Make it punchy, add a dash of your personality, and show them what makes you different. 

Your About section? It's now more crucial than ever, sitting right at the top of your profile. Here's where you tell your story. Not your life story, just the bits that are going to make someone think, ‘Fu*k yes, I need this person in my network’.

So you want to craft a captivating headline for maximum clicks but aren’t sure how? Add a bit of personality in here. You need to be showcasing your value proposition to your audience. This is where you add your CTA and guide people to taking action on your profile.

Once you’ve got your profile looking sh*thot, you’re on your way to making a difference with your own personal brand. Looking to be the next LinkedInfluencer? Keep going. Next up – networking.

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If you’re looking to use LinkedIn effectively then you have to network. Here’s the thing: networking on LinkedIn doesn’t mean kissing ar*e. It's about finding the right people who aren’t going to waste your time. It’s about quality, not adding 500 randos who’ll never interact with you. Engage genuinely with content that interests you and comment like a human, not a bot. It’s all about building relationships and this is only possible through networking. It’s all about building a loyal community with the right people.

Thinking about posting regularly? That’s all good but only if your content isn’t sh*t. If you don’t have anything valuable to say, just leave it. Better to have 2 valuable posts than 5 sh*t ones. Ask yourself: what are you sharing? Is it interesting, informative, or inspiring? Or is it just another “look at me” post? Mix it up. Share your thoughts on trends, write about your failures and what they taught you, celebrate others’ successes. Engagement will follow when your content actually deserves it.

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Sliding into DMs

DMs are a minefield, but they don’t have to be. The key? Don’t be creepy or salesy – and that’s our advice coming from marketing people. Start a conversation like you’re already pals—but respectful pals. Show you’ve done your homework. “Hey, I saw your article on X and thought Y” beats “Hey, I’d like to add you to my professional network” every time. Sometimes a DM is just a DM. Don’t overthink it. It’s not that deep.

Measuring Your Success Without Bullsh*t Metrics

Let's not obsess over vanity metrics like likes and shares. Instead, focus on connections that engage, conversations that convert, and feedback that’s actually fu*king useful. These are your real metrics. Track how your network grows with meaningful interactions, not just numbers.

So, here’s your takeaway: Build a sh*thot profile, network smart, create mega content, and use the right tools without getting distracted by bullsh*t vanity metrics. It’s about making genuine connections and showing your value without trying to sell your soul.

Get out there, make it happen, and remember: these days, if you're not on LinkedIn, you're nowhere. The role of LinkedIn in personal branding is massive now. There’s no reason you can’t start today. If you need help with your LinkedIn management or fancy a bit of LinkedIn training, give us a shout. We know what the f*ck we’re talking about. Go on then - let’s work together already.

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