co&co insights: The Rise of the LinkedInfluencer

Coco insights The Rise of the Linked Influencer
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If you have never heard of the term ‘influencer’ then what rock have you been living under? You don’t even have to be an avid user of social media for influencer marketing to be having an impact on your life anymore, seemingly these walking talking marketing mouthpieces can get where water can’t, with brands spending millions on celebrities and well known people endorsing their products.

What’s more, influencers are also no longer confined to the likes of B2C platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok. With the rise of personal branding for professionals looking to cut through noise in their industry, build rapport with their target audience and ultimately win mindshare that they can convert into market share, a new species of influencer has been born - the LinkedInfluencer.

In this blog, we will discuss:

👉What the f*ck is a LinkedInfluencer?
👉The power of thought leadership
👉LinkedInfluencers to watch
👉The ripple effect on corporates

What the f*ck is a LinkedInfluencer?

LinkedInfluencers are professionals who have mastered the art of creating engaging content on LinkedIn, and demonstrate:

  • A human, personable side
  • An authentic tone of voice
  • Expert insight & knowledge
  • Proof of delivery & credibility

All via the creation of posts, articles, and insights that resonate with their audience, earning them a significant following, and ultimately winning them business.

No longer just a platform for recruiters and job seekers, it is no surprise that LinkedIn has enjoyed something of a resurgence as the go-to networking hub for professionals, and LinkedInfluencers are growing in numbers daily - with whole businesses now built around managing the online profile of business leaders and senior professionals.

The power of thought leadership

At the core of the most successful LinkedInfluencer content, is thought leadership. These influencers are not just promoting their accomplishments but are actively sharing valuable insights and ideas. By positioning themselves as thought leaders, they foster credibility, trust, and authority among their followers.

Put simply, when you know your sh*t, you share it with confidence, and that’s where LinkedInfluencers excel. They’ve been there, done it, got the f*cking t-shirt and are now sharing that experience with their audience.

Our founder Jordan is a huge advocate for harnessing the power of LinkedIn to grow a following and generate business via the platform. As she puts it, ‘Chances are, anyone I want to speak to or work with is going to be on LinkedIn, why would I not use it as a shop window for what I can do, and what co&co can do for them? From investing time into my own presence on LinkedIn, we have secured clients, I have been asked to speak at conferences,, had people recognise me at networking events… the list goes on. For me it’s a no brainer as a leader in my industry to be on the platform.’

LinkedInfluencers to watch

At co&co we work with individuals and employees of companies, to help them build a successful LinkedIn presence that ultimately wins them business and grows their profile within their industry - and we would be lying if we said that we didn’t take inspo from some of our favourite people on LinkedIn. So here are some of the people whose content we love to see on the platform…

Andrew Golpys

Aside from a very personable, authentic tone of voice, and some incredible visuals of the work done by his team, you can't not be impressed with what Andy has done with MadeByShape. Having taken no investment at all, find me a better example of how a business can be built from the ground up, whilst staying laser focused on it's core values - We’ll wait.

Elfried Samba

This guy doesn't have to say much to just hit the right note with his content. Whether he's sharing the funniest memes, keeping it straight with the real talk, or sharing the niiiiiiiiicest campaign visuals from across the board - he is guaranteed a like from us every time he posts.

Lee Fuller

Another inspo of an agency owner. His insight is mega, his ToV bang on, and his ability to cut to the point AND write a pretty lengthy post is enviable. We have never met Lee, but if he is as honest and transparent in real life as he is in his posts, it's easy to see why he's smashing it.

Bethany Joy

Like Bethany's own posts we will keep this simple - she just f*cking nails it. We also didn’t know that was someone with less of a tolerance for bullsh*t than Jordan. To the point, everytime. HERE. FOR. IT.

The ripple effect on corporates

The rise of LinkedInfluencers has presented a unique opportunity for companies to tap into their employees' potential for personal branding. When employees are encouraged to become thought leaders and influencers, they not only elevate their individual careers but also enhance the company's reputation and visibility.

This is exactly why co&co's LinkedIn Workshops have been so successful. Employees learn how they can leverage their influence to create a positive ripple effect on the corporate brand, ultimately leading to increased mindshare and market share.

So, what do we think?

The rise of LinkedInfluencers has transformed the professional landscape, providing a unique opportunity for individuals and corporates alike to establish themselves as industry leaders.

As LinkedIn continues to evolve, thought leadership and personal branding will remain key to winning mindshare and market share, and we’re here for it 🙌.


Do you and your employees want to be thought leaders on LinkedIn? Shoot us an email or give us a bell for a chat.

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