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Who are they? Fieldfisher are a leading law firm, operating across the globe. We were approached by their Manchester-based Disputed and Resolutions team, who provide advice and legal council on a range of commercial conflicts and contentious issues.
Why did they come to us? By their own admission, the Manchester D&R team, had little understanding as to the opportunity LinkedIn can offer B2B teams outside of recruitment. With a focus on client acquisition, and raising general, they wanted to understand their fee earners could better utilise the platform, whilst also representing the overall brand in a consistent and professional manner.

What we did

  • LinkedIn Training
  • Personal Branding
  • Employer Branding





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The brief

Educate the team on how to use LinkedIn, and build strong online profiles for business development.

Challenges we had to overcome:

  • Lack of understanding around how to use LinkedIn
  • Inconsistency in how fee earners used the platform
  • Uncertainty about how to use LinkedIn for business development
  • No knowledge of content management and reporting tools
  • Inconsistent use of the corporate brand across profiles 
  • Lack of consistency in posting and engaging on the platform

The solution

How we got the job done

  • Delivered an interactive workshop with the R&D team over two sessions
  • Educated the team on ‘why’ a strong LinkedIn profile is important for B2B
  • Worked with the team to establish their individual values and content pillars 
  • Taught the team how to convey personality through content whilst staying professional
  • Provided tools and strategies to build and maintain a strong online presence
  • Showed how to align all employees under the corporate brand via shared assets
  • Demonstrated how to align online presence with offline presence 
  • Taught the team how to build rapport and make appropriate approaches via cold outreach
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Fieldfisher, Manchester

The end result

What we achieved for the team

As a result of delivering our bespoke LinkedIn training to the Manchester-based Fieldfisher D&R team, every individual now has a better understanding of why LinkedIn is so useful for business development, as well as how to go about using the tool to generate new clients. 

The whole team understand the importance of personal brand values and are committed to posting regularly. We are delighted to see them engaging on the platform, and sharing content that conveys their personalities as individuals, whilst maintaining a clear and consistent corporate brand message.

In a sector that is still considered to be very traditional, the Fieldfisher team are embracing the power of social media, and empowering their fee earners to maximise its potential.

The delivery of the LinkedIn workshop was fantastic - the perfect mix of ‘why' building a solid online profile is commercially worthwhile for both the individual and the business, as well as ‘how’ to go about it, manage it, and be consistent with it. I can’t recommend the workshop enough! We are really excited about working with co&co in the future across more projects.

Daniel Sheehan


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