Why we’ve ditched insta.

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Jordan Stachini

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This week we made the decision to ditch our Instagram account, and here's why…

At co&co we literally spend our time telling our clients that the only marketing channels they should be using – are the ones that work for them. If we had £1 for every time we have advised a client to strip back their social platforms to the ones that connect with their audience, rather than just having a presence across the board to tick a box – well we could buy Instagram.

But recently, we realised we had also fallen prey to the pressure to have a ‘presence’ – and for us, Instagram was becoming a platform that;

A) We didn’t have the time to maintain

B) That we struggled to utilise to showcase all the mega work we had been doing

Looking back at our feed over the last couple of months, it didn’t reflect the incredible work we have done, the projects we have been part of, the brands, companies, and people we have been working with. It didn’t reflect us. It looked shit.

Ultimately it came down to asking ourselves three questions that we would ask any client straight off the bat when it came to their social media strategy...

1. Is your audience on Instagram?

2. Does Instagram, give you the best platform to showcase what you do?

3. Do you have the time and resource to maintain the platform?

Safe to say it was a short conversation – because as soon as we realised that the answer to question one, was no, there was literally no point in discussing questions two and three – because if our audience was on insta, then we would have found a way to showcase our work, and we would have prioritised the time that goes into maintaining the platform.

At the end of the day – the majority of work we do at co&co is high level, strategic direction that informs and shapes the creative assets and campaigns that our clients use to attract new customers – wow, we just read that back and it sounded like marketing bullshit...

Black and white – nine times out of ten – our work isn’t visual, and our clients (largely people that run and own SMEs) aren’t looking for help with their marketing strategy on insta… they are likely doing what the rest of us are doing - endlessly scrolling, stalking this year’s Love Island contestants, getting more convinced that our phone is listening to us because of the ads we are seeing (it is by the way) and screenshotting memes to send to our mates in the WhatsApp group.

So, on the 18th September, our co&co Instagram account will be no more – we will be focusing on the channels that best connect us with our audience, and most importantly, bring us business.

Any questions – feel free to drop us an email, write us a letter, or pick up the phone… because you certainly won’t be able to @ us…

P.S. Shout out to Instagram for making it hard to delete your account. You rascals.

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