Four reasons to work with a marketing consultant in 2022

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Businesses are like people, they come in all shapes and sizes, and they are all at a different stage in their lifetime. Having worked with a variety of companies, from long established global brands to brand new start-ups, we have recognised that there are four main reasons why companies look for outside input when it comes to improving their marketing function – and very rarely does it have anything to do with how long they have been operating.

If you are at a crossroads with your marketing strategy and want 2022 to be the year you smash it, and any of these reasons resonate with you, then let’s have a chat and see how we could take you from good to great.

They have got really big, really fast, with not much marketing at all

This is one of the most common reasons we have come across in the last 6-12 months of the pandemic. Whilst Covid has been horrendous for lots of sectors, it has also created lots of businesses that would never have even been thought off prior to 2020.

Nearly two years on, these businesses have ridden the wave of their explosions into the marketplace and are now having to think about how they continue to attract and retain customers in a ‘normal’ world. Businesses that rely on us all being at home for example, need to find a new reason for people to use or buy their products.

For us as strategic marketing consultants – we love this challenge of having to turn something on its head and come up with new routes to market and new audiences.

They don’t have the budget or experience to employ a full-time marketing team

Before we go into this one, we want to make one thing clear – not being able to pay the salaries of a full-blown marketing team or having no idea as to what the vast number of marketing channels are, does not mean that your business cannot successfully deliver on your marketing objectives.

The most important thing when assembling a marketing team is understanding who your audience is and the platforms and content they interact with. As marketing consultants with over a decade of experience across several sectors, we have helped clients without any in-house marketing resource reach their target market, and understand which channels are relevant to them.

Often, these types of clients are the ones who we work with on the longest-term basis, providing all the support and resource initially, before helping them to build an in-house marketing team, overseeing all the recruitment to ensure the business is future proofed in-line with the company’s objectives.

They are entering a new market and have no idea how to talk to the audience

For a business in this position, the prospect of having to engage with a brand-new audience can be both exciting and daunting. On one hand, it is a chance to reinvent the product, breathe new life into the offering and capitalise on a brand-new set of consumers that they have never marketed too before. On the other, it is unfamiliar, unknown, with no proven success.

Working with a marketing consultant when faced with this scenario is very common and can pay off massively in the short and the long term. By having a fresh pair of eyes across everything, you benefit from a new perspective, and a mindset that instantly sees your product in a new light, with the new audience – and all the opportunities that comes with that – they aren’t shackled by what the product was before or who it was aimed at.

What’s more, if you have an in-house marketing team, having some external support can help to readjust the mindset of the team, who can struggle to shake off the previous way of doing things, and readjust to the new requirements of the business.

They are stuck in a rut and need an injection of creativity

Even the biggest and best businesses in the world can become a victim of the same monotony when it comes to their marketing strategy. This pitfall is very common, and in our experience is most likely to occur in a sales driven environment where the main aim every month, every quarter, every year – is to hit big targets.

Now, we aren’t saying that if you find a strategy that works, rip it up and try something new. It is important to have key pillars in your strategy that are your fail safes, your go to, the things you know – if you do them, you will generate interest from your target market.

But we are saying – try new things. If they are based on logic, and you can draw clear lines, and see correlation between what you want to achieve and the action you want to take, then it is worth always attributing some budget every year to experimenting with new routes to market.

At co&co we provide everything from high level strategic advice that can offer support to an existing marketing team, to a completely outsourced marketing solution where we plug the hole of an in-house marketing team. If you need a bit of extra support, or just want to get some outside input on your strategy, then get in touch with our team today.

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