Catherine Howarth
Catherine Howarth
Chief Operations Officer, The Invisible Orthodontist

We started working with co&co after they came highly recommended to us. We were coming into our 10th year of business and we were looking to build a solid foundation in some new, and very competitive territories. Although a big part of our offering is marketing services to our global network of Orthodontists, we didn’t have any dedicated in-house marketing focus for our own business, because of this we lacked a clear strategy and focused offering. Given the International nature of our business, our offering is not uniform across all territories and we need to be fluid in our regional approach, so we really needed to get clarity on those differences and find a way of being able to talk about them all in a way that worked and didn't conflict with one another.

To date, our growth has been largely organic, but we needed help getting to that next level. The co&co team really took the time to understand all aspects of our business and helped us identify exactly where our gaps were, and what we needed to do in order to achieve our growth plans. The expertise co&co provided covered everything from recruiting a fantastic internal marketing manager who would be responsible for driving forward the execution and delivery of the marketing strategy, to managing a full re-brand of both our B2B and B2C sides of the business - and everything in between. Working with co&co for the long term, rather than just on a short-term roadmap project has been brilliant - and allowed us to get the in-depth, close attention to detail that we really needed to build a robust strategy for the future. Our business works across several timezones, and the co&co team were always available to us - even at what were very early and very late hours in the UK.

As a result of working with co&co, we now have a refreshed brand identity that reflects who we are, what we stand for and our modern and innovative approach to the sector, as well as a solid plan for how we take the business forward over the months and years to come. For any business looking to take stock, build, or drive forward to the next level - I couldn’t recommend co&co enough. You honestly get the best of both worlds - senior marketing experience and expertise, without having to add huge salaries to the payroll.

Thank you co&co. You are awesome.

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