How we worked with

The Invisible Orthodontist (TIO)

Who are they? The Invisible Orthodontist (TIO), are a specialist marketing agency, working with Orthodontic practitioners to grow their client bases across The UK, USA, Europe and Australia. 
Why did they come to us? Following some changes to the Senior Leadership team, the business wanted to realign all teams, in all territories, as to what the business held as primary objectives. Alongside this, they needed to revisit their branding, and establish one clear identity that all teams could use across all assets. 

What we did

  • Team Management
  • Re-branding





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The brief

Re-align the internal teams, create one consistent brand identity, and recruit an internal marketing person.

Challenges we had to overcome:

  • No in-house marketing lead to be the gatekeeper of activity & assets
  • Old branding and sub-brand logos being used across the business
  • Multiple territories and cultural variances to consider 
  • No agreement as to what the brand was and business offering was
  • Business development and sales leading on marketing decisions
  • Lack of understanding as to the role marketing plays 

The solution

How we got the job done

  • Interim Marketing Director level support on a retainer basis
  • Regional and global internal brand workshops to align stakeholders
  • A rebrand to join up all silos of the business under one clear identity
  • Creation of clear brand guidelines for the internal team to use
  • Recruitment of a marketing manager to lead internally
  • Weekly sales & marketing meetings to keep departments aligned
TIO coandco 2

The Invisible Orthodontist

The end result

What we achieved for the team

  • A strong visual brand identity for the client to roll out across all assets globally
  • A clear and consistent offering that the brand can communicate to existing and new clients
  • A marketing function that is now proactive rather than reactive to the sales team
  • An aligned team who understand what the business does, who it serves, and how to cater for regional variances

We started working with co&co after they came highly recommended to us. We didn’t have any dedicated in-house marketing focus for our own business, and because of this, we lacked a clear strategy and focused offering. ​​As a result of working with co&co, we now have a refreshed brand identity that reflects who we are, and what we stand for, as well as a solid plan for how we take the business forward. For any business looking to take stock, build, or drive forward to the next level - I couldn’t recommend co&co enough.

Catherine Howarth


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