How we worked with

Sable International

Who are they? Sable International are a financial services company, helping South African HNW individuals with their wealth management requirements, overseas investments, personal finances and tax liabilities. 
Why did they come to us? Following a diversification of their offering, Sable launched a real estate investment division. Based out of their South African office, and in collaboration with their colleagues in London, the team needed a full roadmap on how to launch the business, and drive enquiries for their investment opportunities with the South African market. 

What we did

  • Marketing Plans




Financial Services

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The brief

Devise a full marketing plan to launch the business and generate enquiries within the South African market.

Challenges we had to overcome:

  • An in-house marketing with no experience in lead generation

  • Lack of understanding as to the budgets required 

  • No core systems in place to store, manage and report on results

  • Co-ordination of two teams across South Africa & The UK 

  • A necessity to generate leads for the sales team from day one 

  • A mixed portfolio of investments across different sectors & countries

The solution

How we got the job done

  • A full plan covering the mobilisation and stabilisation of the business 
  • A mix of lead generation, brand awareness and engagement activity 
  • A costed budget including costs for activity, systems and resource
  • A full roadmap for the internal marketing team to follow for 12 months
  • A set of template documents for the internal marketing team to populate
  • Direction on how to present the brand across all platforms & channels
  • Guidance on how to incorporate new services into the wider corporation

I have worked with Jordan for many years, she exudes professionalism and her energy is unparalleled. She has a very broad understanding of how to market and position a business and will drive revenue from great lead generation too. Her knowledge of the South African market was pivotal in the success of this project, and because of her insight, our in-house are now able to make an impact in the market from day one. 

Andrew Rissik

Managing Director

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