How we worked with

Beech Holdings

Who are they? Beech Holdings are a leading UK developer and operator of UK property. With a focus on sales to international investors, and with an in-house lettings team targeting students and young professionals, they offer end-to-end, fully-managed investments in the UK's top investment locations. 
Why did they come to us? Following a significant injection of investment into their business, Beech wanted to re-focus their marketing activity with a heavy focus on lead generation, whilst also raising awareness of the wider business with both industry and customers.

What we did

  • Marketing Plans
  • Strategy Audit
  • Team Management
  • Brand Creation
  • CRM & Email Marketing


2020 - Present


Property Investment

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The brief

Re-build the marketing function, formalise a strategy, raise awareness of the brand.

Challenges we had to overcome:

  • A reactive rather than proactive approach to marketing
  • No consideration or strategy for lead generation
  • Limited use of marketing channels due to resource and understanding
  • No defined roles and responsibilities for individuals within the in-house team
  • Low brand awareness amongst competitors and potential customers
  • No formalised marketing budget forecasted in-line with sales targets
  • Misunderstanding across the business as to what the marketing team do
  • Lack of information sharing across the business units

The solution

How we got the job done

  • Provide Marketing Director level support on a long-term retainer basis
  • Re-define the roles of the in-house marketing team
  • Re-educate the business as to the role of the marketing team 
  • Create a 12-month, KPI-driven marketing plan with a formalised budget
  • Track KPIs by channel and optimise the strategy based on the results 
  • Work with the in-house design team to create high-quality sales assets
  • Ensure sub-brand identities are created for each development coming to market
  • Enter the business into industry awards on a local and national level
  • Re-design and develop a new website to better showcase the business
  • Create an internal comms plan to keep employees up to date on business news
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Beech Holdings

The end result

What we achieved for the team

  • A cost per sale at less than 50% of the market average
  • A commercial approach to strategy based around KPIs
  • A marketing budget reconciled on a monthly basis
  • A strategy that encompasses a full range of marketing channels
  • An in-house marketing team set up like an internal agency with defined roles
  • Several high-profile award nominations and wins within the first 6 months
  • A clear process for the wider business to make requests of the marketing team
  • An entire workforce that feels involved in the future of the business

co&co are an extension of our in-house operation, they have filled the gap for us when it comes to brilliant, ROI-driven strategy, delivering results pretty much from day 1. We have relied on co&co to lead, grow and evolve our in-house marketing function. In this capacity, co&co has turned a reactive marketing team, into a proactive, super-efficient, KPI-focused machine, that makes a significant and measurable impact to the bottom line, whilst raising the standard of our creative assets ten-fold.

Stephen Beech


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