Simon Pettigrew
Managing Director, AF Selection

"co&co get results, and, in a world where marketing has become so diverse and challenging, the team have a rare ability to just know what will work and what wont.

The best way I can explain Jordan is that she is without question, unique, & I do not use these words lightly. For me, it is this uniqueness of Jordan’s character that makes what CO&CO offers so successful. Not only is CO&CO headed up by an extremely savvy marketer with an almost encyclopaedic understanding of the marketing industry, but Jordan’s application of this knowledge goes way beyond the norm. Her attitude towards her profession is incredible and the care & devotion she gives to clients is remarkable.

Jordan is not afraid to share her opinion either. Jordan’s direct, straight talking approach is one of the reasons she has such an impeccable record of improving ROI for clients. If there was ever anyone hard wired for marketing – it’s Jordan.

Jordan ensures that everyone associated with CO&CO works tirelessly to help clients achieve the best they can, and the number of hours she allocates to her work is incredible. It’s a real privilege to have worked alongside Jordan and see first-hand how she’s helped so many companies reap significant rewards through her savvy application of marketing expertise.

It may sound a bit of a cliché, but they don’t make many people like Jordan nowadays – ones that not only possess significant expertise of her profession but also have the level of integrity that creates a vast amount of trust & amazing long-term relationships."

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